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Thomas Edison's Phonograph Demo (Collab with Doodles By Doug) | Our Haunted Travels

How to Make Soldier's Hardtack | Our Haunted Travels

FAMOUS GRAVE TOUR - Woodlawn (Glenn Ford, Barbara Billingsley, etc.)

The Weeping Lady of Bachelors Grove Cemetery

The Haunting of Heinz History Center - Paranormal History

Webisode: House of Wills

Unexplained Phenomenon (Live) | LTP #055

Live from the Judson House Ghost Hunting Waterford, PA

The Haunting of Jefferson's Monticello | Ghost Stories and Folklore

Spirit Ask For A Drink of Tea | Ghost Box Session | Paranormal Voice

Lizzie Borden's Meatloaf

The Haunting of Mount Vernon - Paranormal History

Lowe Hotel - Experiences and Theories - Paranormal History

Driving the Battlefield in Gettysburg (2018)

Blood Moon EVPs K2 Uncut

Listen to This EVP Paranormal Investigations

The Gatekeepers: EPISODE 3: 30 East Drive: Is it still haunted?

The Ghost of Anne Boleyn (Live) | LTP #054

Resident Undead - Hill View Manor (New Castle, PA) - Full Episode

What I Experienced At A Haunted Victorian Mansion...

I Visited My Grandma | Out of Body Experience

Island of the Dolls - Chilling Travels - Paranormal History

Spanish Military Hospital - Our Experiences - Paranormal Videos

The Haunting of the White House - Paranormal History

Ghost Hunting The Alms House Cemetery (Collab with MichaelScotYT)

Ghost Quest - Village Church Farm - Skegness - Ghost Hunting

Telling a Ghost Story with Photos (and Borris) | Ghost Stories and Folklore

BREAKING: Notre Dame cathedral collapsed amid a devastating fire

Haunted Cornwall | Bochym Manor | Paranormal Investigation

IT'S OUT THERE! | Finding Bigfoot | Part 1 | MichaelScot

The Demon Doll | Haunted Item | Paranormal Voice | Session 1

Visiting Thomas Jefferson's Monticello (Virginia) | Our Haunted Travels

How to make Chicago-Style Brownies (2018) | 1893 Palmer Brownies | Our Haunted Travels

Hill View Manor Evidence Review EP 1

The Ghosts of Grauman's

Tolomato Cemetery Ghost Caught on Tape Walk over There

Abandoned Honeymoon Hotel, Ski Resort, and Murders Hideout!

DAYTIME GHOST HUNTING (Collab with PSPR Paranormal Pursuit) | MichaelScot

Resident Undead - The Gill House (Galion, OH) - Full Episode

The Haunted Old Mill Dundee Michigan (feat. Borris) - Paranormal History Profile

The White House - Paranormal History Profile

Figure in the Flames at Notre Dame Cathedral. Do you see it?

Peterson House - Paranormal History Profile

Unmarked Graves Unfriendly Spirits EVPs

The Three Stooges - 6 Cast Members - Celebrity Ghost Box Session - WAGNER ITC

OVERNIGHT in the SALLIE HOUSE (Collab With Kyla Rebecca) |MichaelScot

Jeff Mudgett Talks about HH Holmes - Part 1 - Paranormal History

Mysterious Figure At Notre Dame Cathedral Fire

BODIES UNDER THE PARK - Mission Park San Diego - Paranormal History

The Gatekeepers: EPISODE FOUR: Bodmin Jail

Ghost Hunting The Eagle Hotel Crazy foot steps captured on our audio!

The Ghost of Blackbeard

The Haunting of the Lizzie Borden House | Ghost Stories and Folklore

Seance at the Madison Seminary Mad House Documentary Creators

Mysterious Figure and Flashes on Notre Dame Cathedral Roof Before Fire

Visiting St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church (Harpers Ferry) | Our Haunted Travels

Silver Bridge - Point Pleasant - Paranormal History

Calling A DEMON!! | The Telephone Ritual | Paranormal Game | MichaelScot

The Haunting of Mission Hills Park | Paranormal History

The Haunting of the Youngstown B&O | Ghost Stories and Folklore

Are YOU Being ABDUCTED?? | 5 Signs of ALIEN ABDUCTION | MichaelScot

F.S. Paranormal EPISODE #003

Visiting Fort Zachary Taylor - Paranormal Videos

Exploring The North East Cemetery (Graveyard)

Ghost Quest - Ghost Hunting - Halsteads - Ingleton - North Yorkshire

Madison Seminary Paranormal Investigation With Adam Kimmell of Resident Undead

Hidden Marietta - Ghost Tour and Review - Harmar Ghost Trek

Visiting Versace's Mansion (South Beach, Florida)

The Ghost of Benjamin Franklin - Paranormal History

Bachelors Grove Cemetery White Form and EVP

Jedburgh Castle Jail - Ghost Hunting - Ghost Quest

Ghost Quest - Edinburgh Vaults - Niddry Street - Ghost Hunting

OBE Update + Kitchen Ghost

The Haunting of the Congress Plaza Hotel (Chicago) | Ghost Stories and Folklore

Visting the Youngstown B&O | Our Haunted Travels

Resident Undead - Return to Prospect (Trinway, OH) - Full Episode

Haunted Packing House - Spirit Box EVPs

Madison Seminary Ghost Hunting

Ghost Stories and Folklore: The Haunting of Fort Ligonier

Great Food, Several Ghosts | Stone House Restaurant and Inn | Paranormal History Profile

Harriet Taylor Upton - A Dedication - Paranormal History

Hotel Conneaut - Paranormal History Profile

The Haunting of the Englewood Post Office (H. H. Holmes Murder Castle)

Barnhisel House Investigation - Part 1 of 4 - Paranormal History

Ghost Hunting Tips | Conversations and Actions as Trigger Objects (Ghost Hunting 201)

Contacting The Dead and Lifting the Veil Communication.

Visiting Ocracoke Island

Simularities Between Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy - Paranormal Videos

Hill View Manor

The Real Silent Hill Abandoned Ghost Town Centralia Pa

The Vampires Crypt At Erie Cemetery! Are Vampires Real?

F.S. Paranormal EPISODE #005

Resident Undead - Dunkirk Lighthouse (Dunkirk, NY) - Full Episode

Alcatraz Island - Haunted Prison - Paranormal History

Visiting the Haunted Queen Mary (Collab with Michael Scot) | Our Haunted Travels

Hill View Manor Paranormal Pursuit Evidence

Trapped Graveyard Spirits Some Mean Some Nice EVPs

Ghost Hunting The Amos Judson House Est.1810 Spirits Remain Old Fort Leboeuf

Fort Randolph - Was it ever REALLY protecting Point Pleasant - Paranormal History Profile

Love Potions and Spells (Live) | LTP #042

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